Redevelopment and Revitalization Planning

Ragan Design Group has extensive experience in redevelopment and revitalization planning. Our public participation approach brings together neighbourhood residents, small business owners, property owners and public administrators to forge partnerships that serve as the foundation for revitalization. Working in collaboration with these stakeholders, Ragan Design Group identifies problem areas, gathers public input and statistical data, and drafts and adopts plans. Ragan Design Group then assists municipalities implement those plans by securing low interest loans, procuring grants for property acquisition or capital improvements, and seeking commitments from investors and developers.

West Maple Neighborhood Joint Municipality Strategic Revitalization Plan

Burlington County, NJ
Acting as planning and redevelopment consultant, RDG facilitated the creation of a Joint Municipality Strategic Revitalization Plan of the West Maple Neighborhood, an economically disadvantaged neighborhood that falls within three municipalities: Camden, Pennsauken, and Merchantville. The planning effort serves to open the lines of communication between municipalities, develop recommendations for the neighborhood, and coordinate revitalization efforts.

Borough of Wrightstown – Patriot’s Walk

Burlington County, NJ
In coordination with the Borough, County, and Fort Dix, RDG has led a redevelopment effort of a 42 acre site formerly owned by Fort Dix into a vibrant mixed-use development including medical, educational, and retail space, a hotel, and a restaurant. The development will serve as a catalyst for future development elsewhere in the Borough.

Browns Mills Strategic Revitalization and Redevelopment Study

Pemberton Township, Burlington County, NJ
Through a public participation process, RDG and community stakeholders created a Strategic Revitalization Plan that included new streetscape guidelines, land use and zoning policies recommendations to encourage mixed use development, economic and financial strategies to support businesses, marketing and advertising strategies to reinvent the community’s image, and a detailed vehicular circulation and parking management study.

Wrightstown Borough – Economic Corridor Redevelopment Assessment for North Fort Dix Street

Burlington County, NJ
In collaboration with the Borough and community stakeholders, RDG led this redevelopment assessment to identify the economic redevelopment and commercial revitalization potential of the area, plan and design a new vibrant commercial corridor, and develop marketing strategies to attract realistic private development opportunities.

Chesilhurst Redevelopment Plan

Camden County, NJ
The Redevelopment Plan advances the transformation of lands along the White Horse Pike into a variety of land uses that will provide jobs and services to residents of the community. The plan also advances a planned development approach whereby large tracts containing a number of buildings or uses are developed by a single entity under a unifying plan.