As architects, we are motivated to create
projects that will endure.

While we design our projects to make economic sense, we are committed to attractive, functional buildings that will be more appealing in the marketplace. We involve ourselves in all aspects of the design and contruction process to ensure the quality and detail of the original concepts.

The details in a building indicate whether quality is simply talked about or sought after. Finishes are what give a project its atmosphere and identity. For example, the facade creates the exterior image of the building. Floor treatments establish the first interior impressions. Energy efficiency must be considered a requirement, not a luxury.

Ragan Design Group began with commissions of small office buildings and housing design. Today, architectural credits include University Buildings, Libraries, Country Clubs, Municipal Buildings, Commercial Shopping Centers and Housing.

The site and the community, its natural features, vistas and attributes direct the spirit of the development. Our landscape designs are a reinfocement of the natural process. The first step in creating a plan for any property is to review the site's natural resources. With the knowledge gained from the inventory, we design plans that respond to the enviroment and the program in harmony. The encouragement of quality design comes from setting the proper tone in plantings, architecture, or town planning.

Our firm has designed natural Preservation Parks, Suburban Parks, Urban Parks, Housing Developments, Race Tracks, Golf Courses and Special Projects. Our work includes architectural elements, sculpture, and fountain design as well as the full spectrum of plant selections using annuals, perennials, evergreen and deciduous material. As an integration of community planning and landscape architecture, we have completed streetscape and landscape improvements as well as architectural guidelines for historic districts.